Learn how to make a small house work and you might start to see the beauty in your current home. You might stop complaining about the size of your house. You might discover that you actually love the very house that you long thought was way too small.

Tips to make a small house work

Find out how to turn simple rooms into multi-purpose spaces and you could set yourself up to pay your mortgage off in 20 years or less. You won’t have to skimp on entertaining. The idea of hosting major holiday events at your house won’t send chills up your spine.

But, first you have to learn how to make a small house work. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make good use of every room in your house.
  • Don’t overstock or cram your house with furniture and decor. Leave empty space in each room, as this empty space can make rooms in your house look and feel larger.
  • Turn a basement into a mini-apartment. You could use this space as a temporary residence for one or more of your adult children.
  • Save money on gym fees by turning your back patio into an outdoor exercise area. All it takes are dumb bells, dead weights,a jump rope and a rowing machine or exercise bike. If you’re concerned that neighbors or passersby might take the exercise equipment, bring light weight equipment indoors after you finish using it.
  • Use your insulated attic as your home office or as an extra bedroom.
  • Place comfortable outdoor furniture on the front and back porch, turning these spaces into semi-exterior rooms.
  • Place sofa beds in your living room and small bedrooms. Wall beds save space during the day, when you’re up and moving around your home. At night, when you’re ready to go to sleep, simply pull beds away from walls.
  • Install built in wall bookcases in your living room and basement. Store books, CDs, DVDs and memorabilia in the bookcases.
  • Train pets to keep pets from taking over your house, causing your home to feel small. When you train  your pets, you also keep your house looking and functioning good.
  • Regularly clean the interior and exterior of your home. Simply loving the way that your house looks can cause you to appreciate your house instead of focusing on any lack of size that you perceive in your home.

A small house is not a bad property. After you learn how to make a small house work,you may discover five or more ways to get hidden uses out of the rooms at your house. Flex your creativity muscles and more new ideas for how you could use the space at your home to enlarge your life could grow. Once this happens, you may decide against moving if you had previously been set on buying a bigger house, taking on a larger mortgage.

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